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  • Trade at your own risk

    Short GU @ 1.9950 or better

    Short EU @ 1.5800 or better

    Update 3/07/08

    Short AU @ 1.9600 or better

    Update 9/07/08

    GU closed all position
    EU TP 1 post
    AU TP 1 post
    Direction stays but correction is coming. Time to manage your SL


  • Short Usd/Jpy @ 107.40 or better
    Short Gbp/Jpy @ 211.75 or better

    This may be a short term trading signal.

    Previous signal still holding and in profit.

    Update 11/07/08

    Short Eur/Jpy @ 169.00 or better

    All GU, EU and EU post closed. Looking for reentry point.


  • Currently my Streamyx connection at home is making me sick. Everytime there is a change in temperature the line disconnect. I have done a lot of complaint to their customer service and nothing has been done to rectify the problem. At the moment no point complaining, nothing can be done to save Malaysia monopoli broadband company Streamyx by Telekom Malaysia.

    As for celcom, I am currently using it everytime Streamyx fail, which is most of the time. Sorry to say, Celcom is not much better than Streamyx. Service is below satisfaction with data coming in at a very slow rate and is not constant.

    Looks like I am going back to stone age here in Malaysia. With the current political warfare, dont know what will happen. Just can watch and see and pray.

    This week is a good week for forex. Huge profit in the bag. Currently looking to short GU, Eu and AU. Entry point is already here but its friday. Better wait for next week for reentry. I will post reentry next week and hope for profit as this week.


  • Its Monday again with Forex entering super slow motion. Last week we saw a decline in USD despite double good news on friday. It is what I call pushing the market. Someone or a group of people with lots of money is pushing the market opposite of the direction of economic news. This sometimes happens and there is nothing we little fish can do about it but there is a good news. No matter how much you push, it will eventually follow its direction. Forex is an economic instrument afterall. It is influence by supply and demand as well as speculators.

    Last week we saw Eur and Aud being the strogest of them all. As a result both has gain over Usd and Jpy making new high but the way I see it, it is a temporary move. The main move is for Usd and Jpy to go higher resulting a fall for Gbp, Eur and Aud being Gbp will be the most affected.

    So this week I will be looking to short all Gbp/Usd, Eur/Usd, Aud/Usd, Gbp/Jpy, Eur/Jpy and Aud/Jpy. The question remains is the entry point. From my currenty view entry would somewhere around last week high.

    Happy trading and remember to manage your risk at all time. If you are a scalper you may take entry on the downhill movement. As for me I will take top and bottom.


  • Finally, entry is here

    Short AUDUSD @ 0.9720 or better

    Short GBPUSD @ 1.9950 or better

    Short EURUSD @ 1.5940 or better

    Short GBPJPY @ 211.75 or better (Same signal as last week)

    Another entry has present itself

    Long USDJPY @ 104.00 or better. Closed @ 106.80

    At the moment these are the best possible entry. Need I remind you that my style is for me to take top and bottom. This style may not suit some of you. Trade according to your own style and margin. Manage your money and risk properly.


  • Its Monday again with Forex entering super slow motion. Last week position of UJ has been closed with 280 pips profit. Position of GU, EU, AU is still holding.

    This week I will be looking to short Jpy pairs with no.1 choice of Gbp/Jpy. GJ is expected to reach last week high again and thats is where entry point begins. As of now I would short GJ @ 213.50 or better. Meaning you dont have to enter at the exact point, just watch the strength and enter when market is turning.

    I will post signal later for confirmation. In the mean time go do something else. Its monday, no forex magic happens on monday.


  • Last week signal for GU, EU, AU and Ucad is still holding. This week a short term trade signal is generated

    Short Gbp/Jpy @ 213.90 or better


  • As of writing I have closed all position and I may not trade again for this month. Tomorrow morning I will be going to Tawau by road. It will take 8 hours of driving and will be in Tawau till the end of the month.

    I hope all of you had a good month of trading this month. My system generated a total of 17 signal this month with accuracy of over 90%. Attached is my statement for this month. Feel free to study it.


  • Currently staying at Belmont Marco Polo. Room is ok but have wifi. Guess what, I brought my laptop along.

    Early morning open the chart and couldnt resist looking at UsdJpy doing double top. Now shorting UsdJpy from 107.90.

    At the moment EurUsd is also turning and will continue its journey down. Something to look for tomorrow morning. No signal for this week coz I am on holiday.


  • As of writing, UsdChf is at its peek. It may go up again but I dont think there is much to go. It is time for any of you to take profit and run away. EU, GU, and AU is at the bottom and UChf is at the top.

    I am currently holding UJ only @ 107.90. A long wait before it can profit since UChf is at turning point.


  • Its Friday so it is a bit late to be giving signal but sometimes things take very long time to settle down and give clear direction

    Short GBPCHF @ 2.0700 or better
    SL @ 2.0775
    TP 2.0566, 2.0506, 2.0414

    Long EurGbp @ 0.7830 or better
    SL 0.7796
    TP 0.7865, 0.7883, 0.7910

    Back To Trading

  • Its been a week. I can barely trade coz Celcom 3G Internet is slow as hell. Now I am back home so time for some serious trading.

    The last 2 signal of GbpChf and EurGbp has given some profit. Its time to exit untill a new signal is generated. This is because in long term trend is the opposite of the signal Ive given.

    I will post signal next week when the market open to avoid holding -ve post due to trend continuation. See you next week


  • GbpUsd
    Long GbpUsd @ 1.9450 or better
    SL This is the hard part. Figure it out yourself

    Short EurGbp @ 0.7950 or better
    SL on your own

    EurGbp has just reach its peak. Now it is entering ranging zone. So we could see a few swing before a new trend emerge. Furthermore it may make a new high. The entry that Ive given is based on current time.

    GbpUsd has been swinging for the past few days and has hold its low. If it failed to break the last low, it will have to make it way up. Hopefully


  • This morning we have a couple of big news for NZDUSD and guess what. Its a bad situation. Currently I am holding long post at a loss. These things happen a lot where technically NU is ready to turn but due to economic news it continue to slip down.

    Hopefully the drop is not by much since its already in an oversold condition. So I will continue to hold the loss position and hoping for a positive move soon. It may be next week since the news effect really delay things.

    For EURAUD, it has enter the overbought condition. Technically it should turn somewhere soon. For today entry for short is at 1.6619. It is an estimation which is hard to do since this pair has a very wide spread and agresive movement.

    Signal is getting close

  • Last signal of trade. All closed. Gbp is in an unhealthy condition. It swings too much causing it to hit SL before the full range is hit.

    This week I will be looking at AudUsd, NzdUsd and AudJpy very close. Looking at things a new signal may appear tomorrow. For today, its time to rilex.

    Free Forex Signal 21 May 2008

  • Today is your entry day. Think nothing else but entry for AudUsd, NzdUsd and AudJpy. Its going to swing wild and may give you a few entry opportunity

    Short AUDUSD @ 0.9574 or better

    Short NZDUSD @ 0.7741 or better

    Short AUDJPY @ 99.50 or better

    For those of you still holding GBPUSD long, you have until tomorrow to take your profit. GU is heading into a slow down and only time will tell the next move.


  • Candlestick is a method of reading the market based on pattern. If you search the net which I suggest you do, you will find a lot article on candlestick pattern. Do your reading to understand it and what happen to the price that forces a certain pattern to the candlestick. What type of pattern you need to remember and how to use it. I personally only remember 3 types of pattern. They are doji, hammer and engulfing pattern.

    What I am going to tell you today is a different story about candlestick. A different way how to view them and how to use them. It may not be 100% accurate but it is enough to make profit and stay profitable in the long run.

    Apart from 3 candlestick pattern which I remember, I see candlestick as a momentum indicator. Would it be nice if you can have 2 strategy from a single indicator? Like me I use 4 indicator and when they combine I have 8 strategy combined into 1. Candlestick, Moving Average, RSI and Stochastic all put on top of gridlines.


    Imagine that the price is an invisible, self propelling arrow. You cannot see it and surely you dont know where its going but when it moves, it leaves trails in the form of candlestick. If the arrow is moving too fast, we will see long candlestick. The arrow itself has momentum once it moved, so it will take time to slow down and turn. In short, a long CS indicates the arrow is moving very fast and will not turn soon but because forex is influences by many things we see the arrow just turn at certain point leaving CS pointing up or down here and there. Those CS that points up or down is a clue to where the arrow is going.


    Now lets see some example, refer the last NzdUsd Hourly charts that I posted on Trade of The Day. Look at the drop when NU breaks the red line. Long candlestick pointing down. Meaning it is at full speed and will not stop. At the 1st correction, we can see that the lowest CS is a bull CS but because the bull CS is shorter than the previous CS, it dont have enough force to stop the arrow instead it only slowed it down. Then we can see all the next correction has bear CS pointing down including the last low CS is a bear meaning price will break the last low but it is slowing down. At this point, it is a very good idea to exit for us technical small fish else we may get fried during price swing.

    According to NU charts, I forecast that NU will break the last low of 0.7834 and will make it way to 0.7800. This is because turing point usually happens at big numbers as the last turning point happens at 0.8100. My theory on this behaviour is that master traders that have lots of money are so busy counting money, they dont bother looking at price with small number at the back. So they focus on big numbers such as 0.8100, 0.7800 or the least 0.7850. Those 2 digit at the back is what we small fish are eating but they take the 1st 3 digit. How small and insignificant are we??

    Forex Mentor

  • A few friends asked me if I can teach them the proper way to trade. To be profitable and to stay profitable in the long run. I was thinking of publishing it here but some of them do not agree to the idea and suggest that I show them how I trade live in real time and for that reason, the article on how I trade now will not be fully published here. There will be one indicator excluded.

    As for those who wish to learn from me, do contact me via my phone and suggest time and place for the class. All I asked is 2 hours of your time and some willingness to absorb the knowledge Im going to give.

    It is possible to learn my trading method in 2 hours. It is 90% technical + 10% fundamental. 4 indicators only with total of 8 method to read it combined into 2 trading method to cover trending and ranging market.

    All I asked in return is willingness and time to learn, maybe buy me some drinks or something. You cannot expect me to talk for 2 hours without drinks. So find a good place with wifi, bring your laptops and notebooks, spare 2 hours and dont forget to buy me drinks.

    Trade Opportunity

  • I will list trades that have good posibility of profit outcome. No matter how good the posibility, there is always risk involved. Manage your position and use SL appropriately.

    Short UJ @ 102.60 or better
    SL 45 pips from point of entry

    Short GJ @ 205.00 or better
    SL 80 pips from point of entry
    Better get the entry right, that is one big SL

    EU and GU has gone uptrend but still in ranging mode. Trade according to RSI

    Who is Willcare??

  • In the world of Forex, Willcare is a name known to few. I just heard his name this week. He is going to run a seminar on forex this weekend in Sabah. A few friends asked me if I can find out anything about him.

    After searching the internet, I found nothing on his trade method. No a single article or picture giving a view of his method. Some people say he is a millionare but for me its no surprise.

    He charge RM1200.00 to attend his class and limits the number of students to 50 per class. Last month he ran 8 classes. Lets do the math shall we.

    1200 X 50 X 8 = RM480,000.00
    That is his income for last month. Do that 3 months and you are a sure millionaire. Simple and easy as abc - 123.

    The logic is if you are a millionaire born out of forex why go to the trouble of going all over malaysia and teaching. Wouldnt it be easier just to trade. After all trading forex made you a millionaire.

    If you are a millionaire born out of forex, why charge so high and making it available to everyone. Your system claims to have 300 - 500 pip a day. If you trade only 10% of your capital that is a return of 30% - 50% a day. Do the math for a month and you have 900% - 1500% a month return. Thats a lot of money no matter how you look at it. With that much money, why charge RM1,200.00 for the class or money is never enough. If money is never enough, then forex is a wrong place to start with let alone teaching it to someone else.

    Anyway this is only my view on someone who claims to be a millionaire born out of trading forex. There are a few forex millionaire and none that I know of giving class with such a high price. I even had an offer from a forex millionaire to learn from him with the price of nothing. Just go see him and he will teach how to trade and be like him and pay nothing in return. Because the money I am going to pay him is nothing compared to what he has now.

    Free Forex Signal 8 April 2008

  • Here goes, what ever you do, manage your position and use SL properly.

    Short Audusd @ 0.9300 or better
    SL 25 pip

    Short NzdUsd @ 0.8000 or better
    SL 20 pip

    Happy trading.

    Slow and Steady she goes

  • At the moment EurGbp is at 0.7983. It has turn down and slowly gathering momentum to continue its journey down hill. Anyone care to join the journey? Its a slow and steady journey if you follow EG.

    GU has turned up. Unlike EG, GU is full of swing and spikes. Those swing and spikes will kill those who do not ready for it. Trade carefully but trade up hill.

    GJ aslo has turned up and like GU it has even nasty swing and spikes. At the moment I fear that GJ will has one more swing down before making its way up again. Trade carefully but trade up hill.

    GbpChf also turned up hill. Just follow it but beware of swings and spikes. All Gbp pairs have them.

    So far so good.

  • This is a screenshot of my live account performance at marketiva. I have to hide some data but what available is enough to show that I am having a good trade so far.

    It was taken today. Hopefully things will improve further and I am ready for the big trade. After all I am almost at my 2 year mark.


  • At the moment market has no clear direction. For the past 6 days it has been running on ranging mode at the moment the price is in a squeeze. I have to take exit step in order to avoid break out panic. I am trying to close all my post and in order to do that, I have to take some loss.

    It is unavoidable in these market situation. For those of you who has been following my signal, most probably you are making some profit but in the end, like me you will have to give some back.

    At the moment it is adviseable to stay aside until a clear direction present itself. Happy trading everyone.


  • Here goes:

    Short USDJPY @ 102.60 better
    SL 25 pip from entry
    TP 102.20, 101.50, 101.10

    Short EURJPY @ 163.10 or better
    SL 50 pip
    TP 161.70, 161.00, 159,70

    Thats it. Remember to get the best possible entry and always use SL


  • Short AudUsd @ 0.9400 or better
    SL 30 pip
    TP 0.9335, 0.9280 or wait for close signal

    For the time being, that the best entry. Will update later. Earlier signal of UJ and EJ at a loss. Signal is given too early.
    Ive been using Streamyx for over 2 years now. All I can say is look at what monopoly has done to us.

    At the moment I am surfing at 32 kbps. That is blistering fast or is it? Currently my streamyx speed is slower than a dial up modem. Talk about super fast broadband. How lousy can you get??


  • EurUsd
    EU has turned up this morning but it is not adviseable to enter just yet. There are 2 places to enter EU, they are 1.5620 or 1.5520. Possible safe trade is to wait for EU to go lower than 1.5620 and make a stop order long @ 1.5620. It that way if EU actually goes up it will hit the stop order on its way up and hopefully a zero SL trade.

    NU is much like EU has turned up. Possible trade is long @ 0.7825. Wait for price to go lower and put a stop order long.

    GChf has turned down. Currently not in a clear downward move. 2.0530 is entry for short. Preferably wait for price to exceed that level and put stop order short.

    Fuel Saver

  • This is a different topic, but it is one of my hobby. Its about cars.

    Basically cars need 3 things to move that is fire, air and fuel. This 3 things combine gives the car power to move. If you want to optimize the car efficiency you need to work with this 3 things mainly.

    When we talk about fire, the electrical system, fire from the spark plug is the element that make the fire. It must be working at its peek for the car to feel good.

    For air is anything that requires air to move, exhaust system, air in the combustion chamber, air filter, tyre pressure etc.

    Fuel, is petrol or diesel in the tank that feed into the engine.

    Of all the 3 parts, fuel is the hardest part to optimize. We can always use bigger or better injector but the result is not very good in terms of fuel economy.

    A car that is optimize should be powerfull and fuel economy at the same time.

    Recently I found a device that optimize the fuel. Logically its a hard thing to do. Fuel in form of liquid and it optimize the fuel and maximize the burning process resulting in increase power and fuel economy.

    I was sceptical at first but I bought it anyway. No harm trying with price tag of RM250.00. Put in on my car.

    Test Subject:
    The test subject is a small car. A kancil fitted with Daihatsu L2S engine. 660cc turbo charger automatic. This baby is so small and lightweight yet has so much power. It can go head to head with the latest honda civic 1.8 on drag race.

    An old car with 4-AGE engine. The latest engine from the 4AG family of toyota. 1.6cc, extremely powerfull and super responsive compared to older version

    Waja with 1.6cc engine automatic. One of the best Proton ever built. Engine power and road handling equivalent to many european cars. It is based on Lotus technology anyway. No surprise.

    The Spec:
    Daihatsu Mira TR-XX Turbo EFI 12 Valve Limited Edition L200S:
    Engine ID : EF-JL
    Engine Model : FMPX-S2(L200S)
    Engine Type : Water Cooled,4 Stroke,Inline 3,SOHC 12 Valve Turbocharger,3 Cylinder
    Bore x Stroke : Same
    Fuel System : Multi-Point EFI(Electronic Fuel Injection) with ECU(Electronic Computerised Units)
    Cubic : 659cc
    Torque : 10.9kg at 3,600rpm
    Hp : 64 at 6,400rpm
    Boost Pressure : 0.8bar
    Top Speed : 170km/h to 180km/h
    Weight : 750kg
    Spark Plags : Nippon Denso = QL22TR-S or NGK = BCPR7EKD
    Turbocharger : IHI Turbocharger
    Average Fuel Consumption: 6km/RM1

    Test Result:
    After installing the fuel saver. 1st tank of fuel gave me 7.4km/RM1. Thats a savings of about 12.3%. Not a big number but I must tell you, throttle respond is fast. Its like a cheetah waiting to be unleashed. Everytime I push the throttle, the car just jump away. Maybe thats why I dont have good fuel economy, I was driving like a maniac.

    Btw I forgot to mention. The spec upthere is the standard spec. After a few modification, the car is transform from a car for grandmother to a racing car. 0-100kmh in less than 10 seconds.

    I will update on the other 2 cars later. At the moment Im still crazy with the throthle respond and jumping away everytime I wanted.

    Back to Basic

  • In anything we do, when it comes to problem solving. We must go back to basic. We must understand the basic and solve the problem from basic and improvise in between.

    When it comes to forex, we must do the same. Forex nowadays have become so complicated with advance platform, charting and indicators. We can easily become lost in all of that.

    In order to understand it, we must look at it in the simplest way possible. Use the basic at it full extend and onl LPG y after that we can advance to the next level.

    In this few weeks I am going to post a simple system consisting of basic chart with no indicator at all. Only after we understand the basic will we add on indicators to improve the accuracy of trading. In the end we will have a few system combine into 1.

    No matter how good a system is, it will all goes down to the trader. In order to learn something new, we must first change our self. It is by far the hardest part to do. It is where most traders fail.

    Back To Basic Part 1 - Lets Get Naked

  • When we are born in this world. We are all born naked. We do not carry money or bond certificate or even Rolex watches. All are born equal. It is what we do when we are growing up made us what we are today. Some are powerful men while others, just a waste of time.

    When we start in Forex, most of us started at the same place. A blank chart with candlestick and grid. Simple and clear but because of greed, ambition etc, most of us jump straight to advance system. Advance system with colourful indicators here and there and through all those we forgot to pay attention to the very basic of Forex charts that is ..... PRICE.


    What you see above is the very basic of forex charting. Its candlestick and grid. Plain and simple yet how many of you actually take a look at it and try to understand it. Not much in it yet not many people care to look at it and try to understand it. Let me lay this out one by one.

    First we have the grid. Its the horizontal line with price at the right side. When we talk about forex, price is the most important thing...period. If Forex has no price then I wouldn't be here wasting my time for nothing. Its the soul purpose of trading forex. If you look at the chart closely, you will see that I have traded short with 2 take profit point of same place but at different time. You can also see where my stop loss and take profit was. That's why I love Marketiva charts. Its shows you everything.

    The chart is divided by the grid with many horizontal line. Each horizontal line has its own price and the grid changes according to the market. If the market is active, the grid will become bigger and vice verse. If you look at the chart properly, you will see that the price actually responded to the grid. The price will move up and break the line one at a time during slow uptrend and break a few line at once during heavy trading. Now, the question is what can we do with that behaviour?

    Let me explain to you my previous short trade. When and why I took the trade. I entered GJ short at 200.40 with 2 position and immediately put stop loss at 201.00. During my last entry the grid was at 200.40 and the top line was at 200.98. That is 58 pip grid wide. Meaning that my stop loss and take profit will be at 58 pip each. So I took the short trade at 200.40 with SL @ 201.00 (rounded numbers, easier to remember) with 1st TP @ 199.80 (rounded number to nearest line). My 1st TP was hit and closed 1 position. The 2nd position SL was moved to 200.41 and eventually 199.80 when price broke the next line.

    Its all about numbers. 199.80, 200.40 and 201.00. What a coincidence. They are all 60 pips apart. Meaning 2 post win at 60 pip each, so far tonite I got 120 pip in the bag from grid trading alone. Currently I have a stop order to short GJ @ 200.60 and SL @ 201.00. Now that is 40 pip wide. What happen to 60 pips apart??? As I said before, the grid changes according to the market so pay attention. The stop order may not get hit but at the time of writing, the grid at 200.56 is already hit and missed my order by just a few pips.

    I am sure by this time, some of you will have lots of question and doubt. Put all those question and doubt at rest and look at the naked chart. You may find that the hardest question may have the simplest answer. You just have to tackle the problem one at a time.


    As of this morning, my stop order on GJ is filled. Currently GJ has already broke the 1st TP. SL will be move to 200.56 in due time. The plan currently is to follow the price at each level.

    Trade Of The Day

  • For today I will choose a slower pair to trade. It is my opinion that NZD/USD is a good pair to short. Based on grid trading, if anyone is reading the signal should be:

    short NZD/USD @ 0.8065 or better
    Stop loss @ 0.8090 (Minimum)
    Take profit at each of the grid lines.

    Btw that is my full trading chart. By the end of the lesson you will get ideas how to combine every trading method from each indicators and grid. Its not the system, its the people who use it.

    Forex News

  • For those of you who trade purely on technical study, you must avoid news hours. During news release, a different kind of traders will enter the market. They are aggressive, fast and well equip. They work in groups and using syndicate trading to force the market to their favour. They enter and leave the market in short period of time taking whatever profit they can. They do not stay in the market.

    Compare to us technical small fish, these news traders are much bigger. In order to avoid getting fried, technical small fish must leave the arena when the news traders enter. In order to know when these news trader enter we must know when important news release are made and for that reason I use Forex Factory calendar.

    Funny how people try to trade during news hour while I try to avoid them. Look at the calendar and understand when high impact news are released. Pay very close attention to red and orange icon.

    Market Preview Week 1 April

  • NzdUsd last week made a last minute drop. The drop was expected but the time it took to move is unexpected. Next week should be a clear direction to some pairs. I will post direction of pairs so that you can make your trade easier

    Last minute drop, at the moment its in downtrend mode. Still have some room to go down. Short NzdUsd based on candle stick pattern

    This is a slow and steady moving pair. At the moment on thin uptrend. Long UsdChf based on candlestick and grid lines. Do you know that if you monitor UsdChf you can actually catch EurUsd, GbpUsd, AudUsd and NzdUsd trade by going the opposite way.

    Last minute drop last week has actually turned EJ from uptrend to downtrend. At the moment I got a short signal and based on grid it would be short @ 157.20 or better.

    Market Preview For The Week Ahead

  • Following the mixed US data last week, markets will continue to try to assess the US recession risks and whether the economy is already in recession. The PMI data on Friday suggested that the economy was not in recession, but the fact that weakness has been focussed in construction will maintain serious doubts, especially after the weak payroll data.

    In this context, the PMI index for the manufacturing data on Tuesday will be watched very closely. A figure close to December’s level would cast further doubts on recession. The jobless claims data will also be watched very closely on Thursday after the big jump claims seen last week.

    The Wall Street trends will be watched closely with a particular focus on the bond insurers. The bid activity last week and hopes for support measures for the bond insurers suggest that risk tolerances could improve slightly this week which would also provide support for carry trades, especially if volatility levels ease. Markets will still be very cautious and any improvement could easily prove to be very tempoary

    Caution is required as any respite in fears over US recession would tend to support the dollar while an easing of risk aversion would weaken it. The net trend looks to be slightly dollar supportive after the performance on Friday.

    Interest rate decisions within Europe will be a very important influence over the second half of the week with the Bank of England and ECB both set to announce their rate decisions on Thursday. Assuming the ECB holds rates steady, the statement and comments from Trichet will be watched very closely for hints on future policy.

    There are very strong expectations that the Bank of England will cut interest rates this week. If so, the bank will release a statement and this will be watched closely for hints on policy over the next few months.

    The Australian interest rate decision is due on Tuesday local time amid expectations of an increase. Again, the statement from the Reserve Bank as well as the decision will be very important for sentiment.

    Daily Forex Overview

  • The U.S. dollar, coming off one of its best weeks against the euro in months and probably will consolidate those gains this week after the Group of Seven leading industrial nations provided little new guidance on exchange rates.

    ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet warned against betting that the central bank would soon join the U.S. Federal Reserve in cutting rates.

    The EURUSD has dropped over 350 pips since the beginning of the week. Economic data and the European Central Bank's admission that the economy could weaken further has caused many traders to believe that the next move by the ECB will be to cut rates and not to raise them.

    US wholesale inventories rose 1.1% in December, and November was revised up from 0.6% to 0.8%.

    With no major economic data released today, the British pound recovered marginally against the US dollar.

    The Australian dollar was higher late Monday as hawkish sentiment from the Reserve Bank of Australia bolstered expectations of further interest rate rises, lending support for carry trades.

    Canada's dollar rose versus the U.S. currency from 1.0105 to 0.9947 after a government report showed employers added more jobs in January than economists forecast.


    The market expects German growth to slow from an annualized pace of 2.5 percent to 1.8 percent and for Euro zone growth to slow from 2.7 to 2.2 percent. Meanwhile Switzerland released stronger numbers. The SECO consumer climate index and consumer prices both beat expectations.

    This week there are a lot of UK economic data on the calendar, which means that there will be decent volatility in the pound. We are expecting producer prices, consumer prices, trade balance, employment data and the Bank of England Quarterly Inflation Report. Inflation should be strong, but the labor market is expected to deteriorate further given the strains in the housing and financial markets.

    The European Central Bank has effectively eliminated its tightening bias and with the economy weakening quickly, the ECB's first rate cut could be delivered as early as April.

    Furthermore, the technical picture has begun to change and the arrow is now pointing upwards on EURUSD.

    Reserve Bank of Australia warns it might have to raise rates yet again to slow domestic demand.

    Financial markets in Tokyo will be closed on Monday for a national holiday and the Bank of Japan will announce its interest decisions on Friday and widely to keep interest rates unchanged at 0.5%.

    Piliharaya ke 12. Siapa Menang?

  • Siapa Kalah? Siapa Tuan? Siapa Kuli? Siapa Mereka? Siapa Kita?
    Teka teki pilihanraya sudah terjawab. Sekarang adalah masa untuk kita menunjukkan kuasa . Kuasa yang paling besar diberikan kepada kita untuk kita gunakan sekali sahaja dalam masa 4 tahun.

    Pada masa ini ramai penghasut, pemujuk , penipu, penyibuk, kaki ampu, kaki carut dan macam-macam lagi bangsa manusia akan muncul dengan hanya satu harapan , iaitu memilih mereka atau parti mereka untuk memerintah.

    Siapakah yang patut menerajui pucuk pimpinan negara kita. Adakah Barisan Nasional yang telah memerintah selama 50 tahun mampu memuaskan semua orang yang ada dimalaysia. Adakah parti pembangkang dengan isu-isu yang ada mampu menumbangkan Barisan Nasional.

    Harus diingat . Kedua-duanya adalah parti politik. Dunia politik penuh dengan kekotoran, Penipuan , Janji-janji palsu.Cuba nak pancing undi....Bila sudah memerintah ....anda akan kenal siapa mereka sebenarnya.... Rasuah sana, rasuah sini, Skandal sana, skandal sini. ...Berlagak tak ingat macam dia manusia paling hebat didunia.... Masa inilah kita nak tunjuk siapa hebat....YB ke atau rakyat.....

    Hebat mana sangat mereka ni....Gaji YB dan menteri bukannya besar...Kalau di singapura boleh mencecah RM 1 juta setahun. Dimalaysia, makcik yang jual nasi lemak kat Kampung Baru pendapatan dia lagi besar dari YB dan menteri....

    Fikirkan, bayangkan....Gaji tak sebesar mana tetapi mampu pakai Mercedes Benz yang terbaru... Rumah macam Istana.... Makan di Hotel 5 dan 6 bintang. Bukan hanya yang bernaung dibawah dacing...Yang bernaung dibawah bulan pun sama....

    Macam mana boleh jadi begitu....Ada kuasa, ada peluang....gunakan kuasa untuk rebut peluang = Salah guna Kuasa.Hak rakyat diketepikan...yang penting semua hak rakyat boleh jadi hak sendiri, adik beradik...anak beranak.....Mereka Semua Sama.....siapa yang susah....KITA DAN KELUARGA KITA JUGA YANG SUSAH......

    Apa kata kita pakat ramai-ramai .....semua tak keluar mengundi...Agaknya apa akan jadi....Rasanya bulan, roket, dacing dan bulan sabit cacat akan duduk semeja, makan termenung sebab tak ada kerja... Sudah pasti mereka akan menangis berguling-guling memikirkan banyak lagi projek yang tak dapat dijalankan....Mungkin ada bekas YB yang akan merangkak dari rumah kerumah minta sedekah ....suruh keluar mengundi ..MESTI SERONOK DAPAT BUAT MACAM NI ....KITA DUDUK RAMAI-RAMAI gelakkan mereka.....Dah puas hati dalam sebulan....kita dah tunjukkan hak kita...KUASA, PERPADUAN, KETIDAKPUASHATIAN.....barulah mereka tahu siapa mereke....apa keje mereka....mereka WAKIL RAKYAT....bukannya TUAN KEPADA RAKYAT...


    A Piece Of the Puzzle

  • By this April, I would have spend 2 years studying forex. By far this is the hardest thing to understand. Compare to a pc, I learned to assemble a pc and isntall windows in only one day, learned to install car sound system in 3 hours. Forex 2 years is like just waking up from sleep and still in bed. Thats is to compare how hard forex is. If anyone out there tells you forex is easy, then he never traded before. Btw, the title of the blog is just of SEO.

    Forex is very difficult to understand. What we can do to survive is to come up with a plan. A plan is based on behaviour pattern. At certain condition, the market will behave the same way most of the time. Today I will show you a piece of a puzzle showing that forex market behave the same most of the time at certain condition. If you can anticipate its behaviour, I am sure you can make money of it.
  • new week
    heres the current sp


    LPG ON STOP - POSITION 1 +419 POS 2 +231 TOTAL +656 PIPS. remember this is a 1.4X pair so thats like 900+ pips on the balance - if you don't know what i'm talkign about look back a month or so to "all pips are not equal" or whatever i called it.


    SECOND PUNT SHORT USDJPY@96.77 SL 100 PIPS worth a go a think but a spec punt based on pullback and last thursdays high as a LPG sympathetic level to break. I did think twice about this because of the exposure of my EJ trade and may consider a hedge if I see one worth taking on the other yen pairs.

    Results for March 2009 +557 pips on closed trades LPG

    Results so far for 2009 +890 pips on closed trades.

    results live on this blog since Oct 23 2008 +4821 on closed trades

    Time Marches On (Lanie Hill)

  • eurcad closed on stop at BE, took +52 on eurgbp Results for March 2009 +609 pips on closed trades Results so far for 2009 +942 pips on closed trades. results live on this blog since Oct 23 2008 +4873 on closed trades ANNOUNCEMENT I'm sorry folks, but the recent tosser attack has forced me to question my motives for posting here again and since then i've taken trades without posting here on time because i've lost the motivation to. Ive had another eurgbp trade today and havent posted it which is long by the way from 9312 sl now at 9332. It's just been one more attack from one more tosser wannabe jealous trader. Over the years i've had lots of them. In the past they kept to the forums and attacked me there, and now theyre coming to the blog - I even get emails from the wankers. I understand how hard it is to get a foothold in this business so i've given them lots of slack. But I now find that I just can't be bothered even with this blog anymore. I have nothing to prove anymore. I'm still here after 7 years and i do what i do and do it as well as i'm able. the proof is in these pages which document much of my trading career. I will continue to trade my way and make my money. But i'm going to take a holiday from the blog and for how long I have no idea. I may never return or i could just be away a short while. I just can't find a reason to post here anymore nor a motivation. Through the years i've trained a lot of people and very few of them are left around who trade. I do have some close friends who are still in the game but they, like me don't bother with the internet thing anymore either. The whole reason i started the longer swing game was because i've taken up a new challenge which consumes my days and i very much enjoy that. My long days of screen staring are over and they did pay off but I no longer want to do that, I have better things in my life now which actually make a difference in the world. Keep checking back if you like, at this moment I feel like just deleting the whole thing but then i guess it can stand here as some lessons to a select few who can read between the lines. I hope that some of you make it in trading and make some serious money. As a closing bit of advice i'd suggest that you don't study too hard - indicators really are bollocks, systems don't work for long enough to matter and risk management is all there is left. If you win then it's luck, there is no skill in this game - it's how your capitalise on that luck that matters - get on the horse and dont get off till it's stopped running you way. but only get on the horse when it's close enough to the start so that you know when it's running the other way.


  • Some people are asking me about the secret of daily trading. The answer is there is no secret. It is there for everyone to see but the question is, can you accept what you see.

    Trading the daily chart requires patience, lots of it. That is what most of us lack. Patience. If you look at the longer timeframe charts, you will see that price will stop or hover around certain areas. That is your key point. Always start or stop trading around these key point.

    The next indicator I use is CCI. CCI alone is a bit of a headache. So I smooth it out with MA. With the MA, I can see the direction of trade clearly. People say MA is a lagging indicator but I dont want to be early going to a party. I like to enter when the party already started.

    The last advice is, there is no such thing as holly grail. You just cannot win all the time. The best that we can do is try to win as much as possible and lose a little as possible. In the long run, it would be profitable enough to stay trading. Otherwise you need to find another business to run.


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